What You Should Know About Stone Countertops

Are you considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel? If you are, you may be considering a stone bathroom or kitchen countertop. In the past, these options may have been out of budget and may not have given you much of a return on investment. However, these are things you should know about installing stone countertops today.

Choosing Your Countertops

If you have done any research on available stone countertops, you may be overwhelmed with the types of stone, finishes, colors and textures available. It is challenging to know what is the best option. However, there are a few things to consider.

A polished stone creates a more formal ambiance, while a honed finish makes a room feel more comfortable and casual. Also, your choice of stone matters. Marble and some granite stones can be easily scratched. Travertine, slate and soapstone have fewer colors and are more uniform stones than granite and marble, but slate has a wide variety of patterns. All stone needs regular maintenance and sealing.

Price Reductions

A stone kitchen countertop is much less expensive than it was two decades ago. In fact, stainless steel and concrete countertops tend to be more expensive than stone options. In today’s market, stone options are comparable to Corian and solid surface options.

Property Value Impacts

Because of their beauty and durability, stone countertops increase your home’s resell value. In fact, your home’s value may increase up to 74% of the cost of your stone. In addition, buyers see these upgrades as something they won’t have to do later, so installing stone may actually help your home sell faster. However, if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, choose a more neutral stone because you will appeal to more buyers.

You have a number of decisions to make when you complete a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Due to its return on investment and reduction in cost, choosing stone over other kitchen countertop options may not be as difficult a decision as it was in the past.