What Are the Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops?

Of all the decisions you need to make for a kitchen remodel, two are usually the most important: your kitchen countertops and your cabinets. Both of these items have a huge impact on the look, feel and functionality of the space. Gorgeous countertops can add elegance to the room, give your kitchen a more spacious feel, and make meal prep an absolute joy. What are the best materials for kitchen countertops?

The Pros and Cons of Stainless-Steel Countertops

A relatively new trend for home remodeling is installing stainless-steel kitchen countertops. Of course, stainless-steel in common in commercial kitchens and food prep areas because it’s easy to clean, hygienic and smooth. Is it a good choice for your home?

That depends. On one hand, it can give your kitchen a modern feel. Stainless-steel countertops compliment industrial-chic design styles well. If you love cooking (or stream cooking content online professionally), then this type of countertop can fit your design vision.

That said, there are downsides to metal countertops in home kitchens. This material can scratch or dent with fallen pans or knife accidents. Families with kids usually benefit by choosing a different material.

The Benefits of Stone Countertops

If you’re looking for the best kitchen countertops, it’s hard to beat the style and performance of stone surfaces. There are several types of stone countertops, including granite and marble. These materials are practically impervious to scratches, impacts and anything else you can dish out. They’re a breeze to clean and keep clean. They pair beautifully with virtually any design style, from contemporary to chic.

For best quality, you’ll want to make sure to choose professional installation with this type of countertop. That way, your marble or granite kitchen countertops are leveled perfectly. Professionals apply a high-quality seal for added surface protection. Choosing this material requires investing more upfront, but the benefits last a lifetime.