If you use your kitchen with any regularity, you probably find yourself wiping spills or splatters from the countertops and walls on a regular basis. While high-gloss paint can stand up to more wear and tear than other options, it can still lose its color and finish over time in your kitchen. Instead, protect your walls and add drama and beauty to your space by utilizing Kitchen Tiling for a beautiful backsplash. Before you have it installed, here are a few things to consider.

The Overall Look of the Room

You may think you only need a backsplash behind your stove and sink, but isolated patches can break up the room, causing it to look smaller and disjointed. It may create a better and more unified feel to have the backsplash installed above all of your countertop surfaces. This way, you’ll be protecting your walls from food and water stains while making the whole kitchen look fresh and updated.

Colors and Designs

You may be tempted to choose an option that matches your floors or is the same color as your cabinets. However, Kitchen Tiling used as a backsplash can be a great way to incorporate color and interest in your kitchen. Consider pops of bright color in complimentary hues or even mosaic patterns to create a work of art on your kitchen walls.

Grout and Layout

You don’t have to think inside the box when it comes to the layout of your tiles. You can choose from a variety of colored grouts to make the colors stand out or to hide dirt and grime. In addition, consider laying your tiles in a different direction or pattern to turn an ordinary cut into an extraordinary design.

Kitchen Tiling can add beauty and value to your kitchen and your home. Talk to a professional today to get started on this simple upgrade that can result in sleek and satisfying results.