Make Your Kitchen Pantry More Functional

Your kitchen pantry may be a sore subject in your home if it’s too small or disorganized. When you plan a complete kitchen renovation, don’t forget to get your contractor to reconfigure a pantry that works better for you or your family’s needs. Here are some ways you can create a more functional kitchen pantry.

Small Kitchen Options

Smaller kitchens may not have as much room to work with when it’s time to create a space for the pantry. Contractors can be creative with space usage and design a pantry that fits in your existing cabinet layout or plan for something new in a smaller space. Instead of a separate pantry area, designers can add a pantry panel as part of your kitchen cabinets next to the fridge or range in a kitchen renovation.

Larger Spaces

For a big kitchen, homeowners have more options for pantry designs. One modern look is to create an open pantry that stores everything in an open shelving system. An open shelf pantry can also be accented with storage containers. A larger space may also run out of room for all of the items in your pantry, so contractors still need to use space in unique ways to create an organization system for dry goods and cooking supplies. Pantry systems can also be part of cabinet doors to help cut down on the clutter.

Custom Designs

A popular choice for pantries in a new kitchen renovation is a separate closet area that acts as the kitchen pantry. A small room designated as the pantry within the kitchen space can be custom designed to store all of the kitchen necessities. If you have a big family or a passion for baking and cooking, a custom pantry may be the best option.

A well-stocked pantry is a key part of a functioning kitchen space. Pantry systems can be designed for any style or size of kitchen and help with those everyday cooking tasks.