Improving an Older Adult’s Quality of Life With a Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are crucial parts of our homes. However, due to characteristics like hard surfaces and moisture, they can become dangerous as a person ages. However, bathroom remodeling is an excellent way to help an individual practice aging in place while maintaining their dignity. 

Let the User Stay in Familiar Surroundings

Bathroom upgrades allow a person to enjoy their golden years in a place that they know and love. Then, their overall quality of life could go up as their stress level decreases. Getting older comes with many uncertainties. However, you can reduce them by hiring professionals to make the bathroom safer. 

Additionally, you can customize the bathroom remodeling approach based on the home’s available space and usage. For example, maybe several people live in the home and there’s more than one bathroom. If so, getting one of them ready for the older person to use is a practical plan. Plus,  professional remodelers can advise on the best way forward. 

Account for the Person’s Preferences and Needs

Getting older affects everyone differently. Thus, there’s no universal way to go about aging in place. Talk to the person in your life who will benefit from the bathroom remodeling and ask them about the features that would offer the most convenience for them. Which parts of bathing, toileting or other personal care essentials do they find most challenging and why?

Consider things like whether the person uses mobility aids now or may in the future. If so, that aspect will dictate the efforts to some degree. Take into account things like the person’s height, balance and overall dexterity, too. 

Successful aging in place encompasses ongoing efforts, especially as a person’s abilities change. However, bathroom remodeling is an excellent place to start, particularly considering how that part of the home is essential, and it’s a place where many people prefer privacy. An upgraded bathroom can provide comfort and increased safety.