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Everything You Need to Know About Prep Surfaces


A kitchen countertop is more than something classy to define your space. It is the primary prep space for both the novice baker and the experienced chef. The overall look and function of your kitchen can add value to your home, but it isn’t a complete package unless your workspace is high quality. There are many things to consider if you are thinking about replacing these surfaces.

Costs Can Vary

Depending on the grade of material you choose, the price to purchase new countertop can range from as low as $5 a square foot to upwards around a few hundred dollars per square foot.  The higher the quality, the longer the product should last. Durability is usually a foremost consideration for remodeling choices. Although many prefer the chic look of granite or the industrial presence of concrete, choosing based on color and style has a lot to do with a construction budget.

Types of Materials

The most affordable material for your kitchen counters would be laminate. Cheap does not always mean unattractive, and many laminate designs are crafted to look like granite or marble coloring. Solid surface choices usually offer easy cleaning and maintenance, as any blemishes can be quickly sanded and smoothed out. Concrete finishes can be tailor laid to your kitchen’s unique design, but they also are scratch resistant, strong and unaffected by the heat from pots or pans that are set down.

Countertop Accessories

You won’t just be covering the surface of your counters which a chosen product. As you look at color and texture, keep in mind that you will need edging and backsplash to create a complete look. Whatever you choose, along with the difficulty of installation, will add to the overall cost of redoing your kitchen.

For the best suggestions on what will work for you, check with an installation professional. They often have samples and mock-ups that you can look at for inspiration.